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Νέο μέλος της Πορτογαλίας


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Γεια σας, είμαι από την Πορτογαλία και έχω μια CZT

Μόνο μιλούν Πορτογαλικά και Αγγλικά, αλλά έχω κάνει μια προσπάθεια να καταλάβουμε τι συμβαίνει εδώ.


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welcome to coltclub.gr

This is the greek mitsubishi colt club forum.


its a little bit difficult to translate everything,but please translate and read the forum rules


Also read this and follow the directions so you can have access to all the forum""s topics.


until your account is activated, please post how did you find coltclub.gr? and Which Colt do you own/drive


For further questions,feel free to contact with personal messages



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We wholeheartedly welcome you!


Unfortunately some Greek Technical "slang" terms can not be translated in English (they translate funny... eg. exhaust manifold= χταπόδι (Greek) = octopus (by auto translator)...


Please don""t be shy to tell us to translate, or to give you the bottom line in a few words...


Welcome again!!! :wink:

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