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quick hello

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hello to everyone ive recently bought a 2008 colt czt in black


since owning the car i have sprayed the wheels yellow added a induction cone and a hks backbox


i will post some pictures up shortly





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Welcome to the club Chris!

If you have time and patience you can use the Google translator to get some very useful information.

In any case if something is not clear or just looks “Greek” feel free to ask.


I would agree on the wheel color the yellow gives a bit “racing look” and the car its self goes more to “club sport” :D

So in case you really need a strong color why don’t you go i.e. for the STI gold?

otherwise stick to the standard ones.. of course this is a personal opinion.



By the way did you feel or see any difference with the HKS back box?

Did you install it or the previous owner?


Why didn't you buy the facelift ;



Stamatis probably because the “old” model is much cheaper and in my opinion a bit more good looking. Especially if you are not planning to heavily modify it.

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Welcome to Colt//Club.gr !!!


In order to gain full access to the Forum you have to create your own thread in the New Members.,(You have already done it).

In a few hours you will be activated


Enjoy your stay! biggrin.gif

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Welcome aboard Chris! :)

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