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Hello all


My name is Kris, and im representing WWW.CZTOC.com the biggest UK Based CZT owners club


I am looking to join all the colt forums together so we can all share our info, pics and members.


i have been in contact with colt-turbo.de and they have already joined. and made an English speaking section for the users of www.cztoc.com to post in.


very soon CZTOC will have a german section, and i would like to add a greek section to our forum so you guys can come and say hello and share info with us. i would also like an admin/moderator from coltclub.gr to moderate the greek section.


the joining of all the colt forums will hopfully see is uncover more info about the cars.


if a moderator/ admin could contact me via MSN we can talk further: kris_kerry@hotmail.com


Many thanks for reading this





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