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Hi I tried this mod of making 3 holes in the aribox near the airflow sensor. It worked very good, my car is stil standard.

I want to tune it with a good exhaust system and remove the boost restrictor in the solenoid.

Does anyone know if it is safe to keep the 3 holes in the airbox and at the same time put a free flow exhaust system and increase boost?

Till what boost pressure is it safe to keep the 3 holes in the airbox?

When you remove the boost restrictor do you change the fuel pump or the injectors or do you do anything to get more fuel??




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The most of us has this set up:

1.three holes 6-6-6, or the kit of KN induction

2.the boost restrictor off

3.we have a complete free exhaust system with a racing catalyzer..!


So long none of us had any problems...!And the tests we've done show that it is safe..But any modifications you do are on your own risk.....

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