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Rcolt Sydney, Australia


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I'm Hrisostomos from Sydney Australia. I thought I would join you forum to get some ideas and share mine as well.


I have owned my Rcolt now for just over a year and its currently sitting at 137.9fwkw


Milao elinika kai englezika. Ama thels pes ena gia.









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Welcome to logava4ev.jpg !!!


In order to gain full access to the Forum you have to create your own thread in the New Members.

Enjoy your stay! biggrin.gif



Καλως ηρθες κ στα Ελληνικα

Σε λιγο θα ενεργοποιηθεις κ θα εχεις προσβαση σε ολες τις σελιδες..

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Καλώς ήρθες φίλε μου.Απλα πανέμορφο το Rcolt

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Hello Xrysostome and welcome to the biggest club for our beloved pocket-rocket! In our forum you will find interesting information on all sections of tuning / maintenance for the Colt.


We can reply in both languages but I recommend you to feel free and practice your Greek writing skills :)


PS1: I love your XXR wheels...

PS2: ...and the vented bonnet!

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