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Welcome to logava4ev.jpg !!!


Enjoy your stay! biggrin.gif

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Hi Marmes and welcome to best Greek club for the Mitsubishi Colt. Regarding you question, the best thing you can do is to visit a local exhaust shop in order to build your custom exhaust manifold. Bear in mind that fitting a bigger turbo means:

  • Ιncreased fuel needs (pump-injectors)
  • Νew down-pipe
  • ECU remap

The lads from R-Colt have reported the following after fitting the turbo you've mentioned:


Spool Start (depends on the setup): 3000-3400 RPM

Full Spool (depends on the setup): 4300-4700RPM

Out of Steam (According to Feedback): REDLINE

Max Boost: 1.5 BAR

Max BHP: 310-370


(More info can be found here: Link - Use Google translation ;) )


What other modifications have you made to your car mate?




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Well, I found this interesting. I don't think it's so hard to do it. Jasma crankshaft costs something like 300 euros , conrods, depend on what you want, the pistons are the only thing diferent. They say on many sites that we have to use the 4g18 pistons. But I see that 4g15 piston diameter is 75.5mm and 4g18 is 76mm, don't know if 4g18 will fit for .25mm . If it did , it was needed was a forged 4g18 pistons with the right cavity to maitain the compression ratio, or changed if desired .

Is there anyone interested in making forged pistons for 4g18 to fit our 4g15 engines?


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