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Hello from Portugal! --New CZC-T onboard--


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Hello all!


My name is Diogo and I'm from Portugal (Lisbon).

I've decided to register here on your forum because, in my opinion, your ZTs are just the best of the best!


Keep up with your great work guys!


In the mean time let me present my little baby:


2006 Colt CZC turbo.


Little changes already performed:

  • Lowering springs (-30 mm)
  • K&N Replacement filter
  • Restrictor pill off (had to put it in again as the car was starting to get in SAFE mode constantly)
  • EBC Yellow Stuff breack pads
  • Yokohama Parada :db: shoes

Still want:

  • FMIC and aluminium air inlet piping (Quality Tuning)
  • New exhaust pipe line and back box (68 mm - Quality Tuning)
  • New HID system
  • ECU Remap
  • Turbo/Vacuum; Oil Pressure; Water Temp gauges
  • Remove exterior antenna
  • New paint job (black) on roof + A pillar + wheels + side indicators and taillights

At this point I'm already very happy with it, but can't wait to have it all done!






Hope you all like it!

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Hi Diogo and welcome to our forum.


Some comments about your car and future plans:


1.) Before you decide to increase the power of your car you should re-think your suspension. A coil-over kit would be a safer addition in comparison with wheels, gauges etc. (it's better to be safe than to be sorry ;) )

2.) The FMIC provided by Quality tuning might not be a plug-and-play solution. Have a look at the pictures here. It's a bit confusing. In my opinion you should either built your own kit (custom core + piping) or buy a solution from Forge, Myol etc.

3.) It would be probably be a better and more 'safe' idea to visit a local exhaust-shop for this upgrade. What are you going to do just in case that something goes wrong with the exhaust? (e.g. issues while fitting it, other issues after using the exhaust for some months)

4.) Before you proceed with the ECU remap, you should put all the pieces in the puzzle (e.g. exhaust, exhaust manifold, FMIC). In that way you will avoid the costs related with the re-map of your ECU.


Just be patient, be careful with your choices and I think that the result will be a very friendly to use, powerful and woman-magnet car :) :) :)




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Λια θα χυσω ετσι οπως τα γραφεις -off and go

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