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ayu452 from downunder


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I was told about this forum via czTeo


I am from Australia, Perth. I joined to see what other people around the world are doing to the 4G15T.

This is my site i run: http://ayu452.blogspot.com.au/


this is my car:


- Rota 15x8 +0 wrapped with 205/50 Toyo R1R

- motor is stock internal. i am going forged soon.

- suspension is blitz zzr with other tweaks.

- turbo is a td04 from a wrx.

- brakes are evo III


what i hope to learn is what other people do to the cars. especially when it comes to turbos, manifolds, engine internals, cams and tuning.


Thanks Brad.







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Welcomeeeeeeee to logava4ev.jpg !!!


Haaaaa some of us already know your car...and your site hehe :p . Some very helpful info were used here in our forum so thanks :D

Plus you are one of the "famous" members in RCOLT :good:


Btw Im the guy that asked you about the titles of ayu's songs hahaha :p


I hope you find everything you want. But you ll find it difficult to translate so many sections of the forum.Greek is tricky.........so feel free to ask.

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Hi Brad,


It's nice to see you in our forum. As Mr. xvibes said above, your blog is a very nice and tidy source of information for our beloved Colt. I suppose that you have resurrected your car from its latest adventure (cracked gearbox).


PS: I'm also a member of RColt forum ;)

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yes some of the username are familiar haha.


i have just received my new bell housing http://ayu452.blogspot.com.au/2012/10/possible-solution-to-my-cracked-clutch.html

and i also managed to get a hold of a carbon LSD http://ayu452.blogspot.com.au/2012/11/my-ats-carbonetic-cbfb8710.html


these parts will allow me to build another gearbox.

hopefully another two weeks the car will be up and running.


thanks for the warm welcomes

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Welcome aboard mate, nice to have you with us! ;)

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