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  1. Hi. That is my first post. Can't find info in English here to answer my question. My question is what type of MAF adapter should I use for my car. Some guys from Greece told me to get 57mm one but can't find MAF with same diameter for sale. The only one closer is from this site -> https://www.autopro.gr/mitsubishi-colt-czt-1.500cc-turbo.html?sl=en but it's 58mm. If I put this 58mm MAF adapter to my car she will go into limp mod or not ? I want to increase boost without ECU map just with 3 port boost controller. THANKS!
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    Choosing MAF Adapter/Case

    So only check engine light or limp mod to? Some guys told me that i can increase boost on stock ECU with larger Maf case and 3 port to increase boost