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  1. terror-x

    who can speak english

    ok thankyou guys
  2. terror-x

    who can speak english

    hi guys just so i know how many of you guys can speak english so i know who to ask if i get a problem ?
  3. terror-x

    EU meet up

    yes a EU meet up would be great colts and CZTs come from all over turkey,england,france,spain, etc everywere asd many has possible it would be amaxeing i think to have like one of the biggiest mitsabishi colt czt meets in thw world but organizeing somethi8ng like that would have to get the admin from each colt club to organize it on there site and see what we could come up with please tell me if you think its the wildesit thing you have ever heard but i myself think it would rock!!!
  4. terror-x

    hello from england

    well im not 100% sure on that one mate but what i can tell you is that with the economy at the minuite no one can afford many cars so in like the next year when colts and czt colts prices go down alot of people are going to be buying them and so statistically the coltclubs should get more members and we will see alot more of them about
  5. terror-x

    hello from england

    yes thankyou for the warm welcome guys yes i dont see that many colts at the minuite im haveing my driveing lessons and asoon as i pass im getting a czt straighht away my brother in law drives the grey one with the orange wheels we have allso been featured in bonzai magazine . but yes i love the colt and i know a good bit about them . best to know alot about the car you love i think . here is a youtube video of this years meet i hope you guys enjoy it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4JDH9Nmwbo please take a few mins to check our video out thankyou guys again for the warm welcome
  6. hi my names mark im from england COLT czt runner im part of another czt club www.cztoc.com i just thought i would come over and say hello how are you guys